Decorative Hair Accessory Holders - Robin's Hair Bow Havens

Robin's Hair Bow Havens
These decorative hair accessory holders are to die for. Hand crafted by Robin, they offer a unique and adorable way to hold, display and easily access your daughter's hair bows, clips, sqwunchies and more.
They come in a basic design and even a larger design that displays a cute pet-name at the top accented with either a crystal or ornate cute!
If you have a special color combination or even a cute and special "pet-name" for your little daughter, we can make one custom for you, or should we say, just for her!
Shipping for these items are not like the jewelry, we will decoratively wrap and package your item and ship using USPS and charge the extra fees accordingly.
If you are interested in purchasing one of these items simply email us and let us know your shipping address and we will respond with the total amount.
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